Food and Loathing is a weekly podcast by veteran Las Vegas food writers Al Mancini and Jason Harris. It will always be a work in progress, with some very simple underlying goals:

Food and Loathing will always be, at its core, a place where Al and Jason can chat openly, casually and honestly about where we’re eating in this incredibly diverse city.

It will also be a place where people who love Las Vegas can analyze the local restaurant scene: what it has, what it doesn’t have, what it desperately needs, and what we just aren’t cool enough to understand about it.
Finally, we want it to be a place where we can have open discussions about controversial or sensitive issues without it degenerating into name-calling or personal attacks.

Every week, we hope to invite some chefs, mixologists, restaurateurs, journalists and hardcore foodies to join in that conversation. By doing that, we hope to recreate the types of conversations that unfold every time we’re in a room with some longtime foodie friends we haven’t seen in a while. Beyond that – everything is up for grabs.